About Us

Owner and Trainer: Decator Marble

Blitz K9 is owned by Decator Marble, he has been raising and training dogs for 15 years. He has attended military and sports seminars and has spent thousands of hours training with some of the best dog trainers in the world. Decator has titled dogs in obedience, protection, and holds several working titles and confirmation.

Blitz K9 maintains over 15 years experience in breeding. We are members of United Schutzhund Club of America. We offer 2-year written health guarantees and have an excellent reputation for standing behind the our dogs. The quality of our dogs speaks for itself.



About Our Dogs

At Blitz K9, female dogs are selected for temperament, breed standard and structure. The males we breed must also meet the same requirements, and working ability. All of our puppies are home-raised, people and kids oriented for working homes and show homes. Our puppies come with ear trim cropped, tails docked and dew claws removed. All shots and worming are up to date and puppies will come with a written health and hip guarantee.

Our Mission

Blitz K9 is dedicated to breeding and training the complete working dog. From the finest German and American pedigree, we present some of the best working puppies and young adults. We strive to produce individuals with correct conformation, sound temperament, and versatile athletic working ability. Our puppies and young adults have the correct breed standard and body structure. Whether a German Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, or other breed, Blitz  K9 proudly offers you best. Our professional training program which is open to all breeds can be utilized for: obedience, protection, and problem solving.

About Nutrition

We feed our dogs Blackwood Super Premium Pet Foods. The Blackwood Corporation subscribes to the theory of "Holism". Their Products are All Natural and produced with the "Holistic" method of treatment. All of the Blackwood diets are "Designed and Engineered" with targeted goals and objectives. The Blackwood Corporation concentrates on maximizing the performance and energy potential of a superior diet to gain the competitive edge in the show ring and in the field.


Candi Taggart and Charles Jackson



A couple of months ago, my fiancé' and I took delivery of "Junior", a 14-month-old trained Giant Schnauzer that we had purchased from Decator Marble at Blitz K9 located in Columbus, Georgia. At first, I was a bit leery of buying a dog "sight-unseen", but since Charlie and his ex-wife
 had bought "Boomer", another male Giant from Decator a couple of years ago, I felt a bit more comfortable with the arrangement.

We had requested that Junior be trained in basic obedience, and be given  "feline sensitivity training" prior to his coming to live with us so that he would not harm our older residents, two neutered male tabbies, Lord Boulder and Brisco County Junior. Decator assured us that our new boy would be gentle and protective, and he has turned out to be exactly as promised - the perfect pet. Charlie takes him along for a 15-20 mile run when he goes on his bike rides 2-3 days per week, accompanied by his "brother and sister", Boomer and Dixie. I take him for leisurely walks through my father's old tract in the Sammamish Highlands one or twice a week, and everyone I encounter there says how calm and well-behaved he is. I plan to get him additional training at River Dog in Issaquah so that he may become a Delta Therapy Dog in the future.

Since Junior has worked out so well, I have already sent in a deposit toward the purchase of a trained female puppy from Blitz K9 as a playmate for him. I know that Mr. Marble will touch base with us periodically after her arrival to make sure that she will work out just as well as our baby boy has.

Antonio and Jacqueline Rodriguez


In November of 2003 my mother purchased a Giant Schnauzer named Morena from your kennel, Blitz K9. Morena was an un-ending source of love, comfort, and companionship to her. She even celebrated her 1st birthday with a party and Morena wore a Tiara. My mom went to be with the Lord in 2004 and I inherited Morena. It does not seem possible that we have had her in our lives for almost 4 years, she is adorable, loving and probably the smartest dog alive. She believes everyone loves her, therefore, she's very friendly. She is a wonderful watch dog, yet would not hurt a soul. Morena favors staying inside of the house yet wonders into the pool area or yard when our 9 year old Rottie, Cherokee, goes outside to chill. She walks with a wonderful prance; that is fun to watch and often commented about from people when we are out in the community. My husband and I cannot imagine our lives without her. We love her and her breed so much we decided to purchase another Giant Schnauzer puppy from you and named him Zeus "the man" Rodriguez. He is bright, affectionate, mischievous and comical! Zeus, will be returning to you for obedience training!, just like his big sister, Morena. Thank you so much for these wonderful additions to our family.

Trey Mounty


I keep up with your website and happen to see the new pups. They are looking great! Im trying to come down and see you, but thank the good Lord I've been able to stay busy with work! Chloe is doing wonderful these days. Decator she really is a great dog and got me through some tough times. You know she is almost 2 now and I have loved every second, well most of them anyway. I'm sure you know about that. I wanted to tell you that i got her spayed at six months. She now has incontinence!! aahhhh! Ive got her on medicine that takes all of it away. I just wanted to tell you so that for your future buyers they should wait until the dog is more developed. I got her fixed at 6 months, but according to the reading I've done I should have waited till she was almost two. The vet told me otherwise, hindsight I guess. Was her dad Louis? The one on your website holding the toy in his mouth, because she does the exact samething. She now goes on my duck hunting trips but not a great retriever yet! She just loves being out there with us. She goes all over Atlanta with me and knows exactly when to play guard dog. She is outstanding with kids I would leave her with any child with know worries whatsoever. She love to play with other dogs, her best buddy is a pitbull named Otis. But when nighttime comes or if she is in my truck she is always on point and ready for action! I love it! If you ever need a reference for some one or if they want to talk to me about their greatness (678-551-0428).

Sonya Parker


Decator, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support with Lexi. We did try 3 other trainers and had no progress with them. I now can walk Lexi on a loose leash, play with her, have her around other people and pets, She has transformed into an different dog. I couldn't have done it without you and we the Parker Family are in your debt. If any one is looking for a dog trainer they need to see u. I was at my wits end with her and I everyone who I had called told me to PUT HER TO SLEEP. I knew that was not an option. You were awsome with her and helped show me how I needed to be with her. Her sit, stay, come, and heel is down to a science and she is a Happy Boxer. My kids enjoy her more and can do more and spend time with her more as well. She was strictly outside dog and even my husband now lets her inside. I couldn't have asked for better results. I need to get some of your cards to hand out when I see someone who needs a trainer. I also have added some pictures of Lexi for u too.. Thank you from The Parker Family and Lexi too.


Beth and Chris Cronk

Our dog, Spencer, came to us as a three-month old puppy, after he had been abandoned in the woods near our home. He was covered in ticks, and looked like a bag of bones. After getting him initially cleaned up and cared for, it was apparent that he had some significant “issues.” Although he physically thrived with us, he remained fearful of pretty much everything. We could never figure out what the trigger was, but he suffered episodes of severe shivering, panting, hiding from us, and/or rolling over on his back in a totally submissive posture. He even wet himself if you tried to pet him during one of these episodes. Our vet prescribed a form of valium, but it can be habit forming in humans, so we tried to use it very sparingly. Ultimately, we asked around until we found a place that could help us train him to be more confident, and help us to help him. Before training at Blitz K9, it was virtually impossible to walk Spencer on a leash, and it was very difficult to call him into the house from the yard. Out of fear, he displayed an aggressive posture with strangers and even our own neighbors. We had come to really love our family pet, but were beginning to think that we would have to find him another home. Happily, after one month of boarding/training at Blitz K9 and another month of training for our family members, we are confident that we will be able to keep Spencer. He is a joy to take for walks now, and appears eager to follow basic commands. Thank you, Blitz K9, for helping our Spencer be a happy and healthy dog!

Craig and Laura Oglesby


This year, my husband and I decided to find a giant schnauzer puppy to add to our family for Christmas. We contacted Decator Marble with Blitz K9 who had giant schnauzer puppies. We wanted a puppy that would be able to grow up with our 5 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Destin and 2 children. We picked Laycee, the new giant schnauzer puppy, up in the middle of November 2009. This ended up being an early Christmas present for our children. Upon arrival to Columbus, Georgia, we found Decator outside playing with Laycee. After speaking with Decator and deciding on getting one of his puppies, he started working with Laycee and calling her by name. We decided against cropping her ears.

Since bringing Laycee home, she has adjusted well. She had her first vet visit and she is a very healthy puppy. She and Destin are best friends and play well together. Laycee is great with the children and very well behaved, for a puppy. She is full of puppy energy. We have been working with her diligently on housebreaking and she is about 90% housebroken after only having her about 3 weeks.

We are very happy with Laycee and could not have asked for a better puppy. She gives great kisses and is a wonderful help waking the kids up in the morning. She still has her little puppy breath, which is adorable. She is growing like a weed and is almost as tall as the miniature schnauzer. They will grow up to be the best of siblings.

Laycee is a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks Decator for all your help with the transaction of Laycee to her new family. We will keep you informed of Laycee’s progress.